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The Language of Silence


Sign posting has become a media in its own right. Be it indoor or outdoor, today it enables everyone to find their way. Can you imagine a town with no street names? A hospital without ward or department names? A shop without fascia? Today, Sign-posting is no longer limited to indicating or naming. It responds to more and more stringent and specific requirements. It adapts to graphic charters. It is considered when buildings are designed, to be in harmony with them. It is no longer just a sign board placed “at random”. It has become active. It is becoming assertive. It changes shape, material, colours. It occupies space. It is associated with its referent to form a unity. It is designed. We are privileged to introduce ourselves as a specialist in design and build of all kind of sign-posting media.

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From project planning to design and fabrication - whether it is a theme park, a single attraction, a retail outlet, a restaurant or mixed-use development, we have the creative energy and applied knowledge necessary to successfully complete...


We have a highly experienced team comprising of sales & marketing, graphic designers, artists, sculptors and fabricators and the technical expertise to bring your ideas to life. The core of our business is the conceptualization, design and construction of...