We have a highly experienced team comprising of sales & marketing, graphic designers, artists, sculptors and fabricators and the technical expertise to bring your ideas to life. We offer different types of products with our own core of business.

The core of our business is the conceptualization, design and construction of :


  • 3D Channel Lettering    
  • Front/Back-Lit Signs in LED's/Neon 
  • Jackpot Machines Display and Signage 
  • Modular Directory System 
  • Sculptures    
  • Vehicle Graphics 
  • Illuminated Aluminum Extruded System
  • Large Format Digital Print
  • Acrylic Display & Signage    
  • Hoarding Graphics
  • Landmark/Monument/Pylon Signs
  • Nex-change Framing System 
  • Statutory Building Signs for TOP
  • Wall Murals
  • RI Construction Project
  • Thematic Element
  • Rubber Stamp, Common Seal and Laser Engraving


Project Planning:
From project planning to design and fabrication - whether it is a theme park, a single attraction, a retail outlet, a restaurant or mixed-use development, we have the creative energy and applied knowledge necessary to successfully complete and new ideas or improvement to any existing operations.


Our scope of services for our clients include the following:
    - Project Planning and Themed Development
    - Design Development and Conceptualisation
    - Graphic Design and Signage
    - Architectural Products
    - Attractions Fabrication and Installation